Digital Humanities Volunteers @ CUA

Led by Kevin Gunn — the Coordinator of Religious Studies and Humanities Services here at CUA, a group of ambitious graduate volunteers has helped Project Andvari by producing an extensive report on existing vocabularies, indexes, and thesauri that pertain to our project goals either in terms of content or structure. Their list includes such works as the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture in England, Friedman’s Medieval iconography: a research guide, and the Thesaurus iconographique: système descriptive des représentations. Additionally, they delivered an excellent assessment of ontology development applications — like HIVE and ThManager — that will be extremely useful for us as we shift towards thesaurus development activities. And as if that wasn’t enough, the volunteers also put together a formal budget for the preceding year and a list of possible grant opportunities for ongoing support.

A big thank you to Kevin, Anita, Sam, Jeremy, Kirsten, and Katherine. You’ve been a huge help!


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