2014 NEH Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting

A huge thanks to Kevin Gunn for fantastic blogging of the NEH Project Directors meeting on Monday. The Project Andvari team was on hand to learn about some of the other amazing projects being funded through NEH support. Check out Kevin’s post for a great summary of the day’s events.

Digital Scholarship and beyond

The 2014 NEH Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting occurred September 15th at the new headquarters of the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, DC. The morning meeting was open for project directors only while the afternoon session was open to the general public.

The Keynote Speaker was Michael Witmore, Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library. His talk was titled ‘Adjacencies Virtuous and Vicious in the Digital Spaces of Libraries.’  From the NEH web site:

This talk will explore how techniques of discovery — scanning shelves, exploring digital texts and catalogues — may change the nature of research conducted in Libraries. The argument: with the advent of massively searchable digital corpora, the uses and advantages of “nearness” in Libraries will change.

As more and more books become availabe online (e.g. see the recent EEBO announcement), this type of work will increase in value.

Dr. Witmore began by talking…

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