Project Andvari — Stage II

As you may have heard, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced it’s recipients for their Digital Start-Up grants this past spring. Eighteen excellent projects were selected to receive support for research initiatives ranging from 19th Century African-American communities to  statistical assessment of artistic styles to new tools for textual analysis.  Also among the selected projects? That’s right…


After a brief hiatus, Project Andvari is getting started on the pilot implementation of all the initial work performed during Stage I. This included…

  • Identification of a project team and advisory committee
  • Convening of a project workshop to develop the functional parameters of an aggregation portal for early medieval Northern European art and artifacts
  • Convening of a secondary workshop on the development of a iconographic thesaurus to be implemented in the proposed platform
  • Completion of a crowdsourcing initiative to refine the iconographic thesaurus with much thanks and praise to our partners over at Micropasts
  • Oodles of conference posters, presentations, talks, papers, etc.
  • And more! (all of which can be read about in the NEH White Paper for Stage I)

Moving forward, the project plan consists primarily of developing our pilot platform with sample data records from the British Museum, the Riksantikvarieämbetet (Swedish National Heritage Board), and the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery and delivering a functioning portal that will allow for further development and refinement. Based on the desired functionality documented in the initial project workshop, the portal will allow for collocation of resources from multiple collections, facilitating metasearching in a manner previously unavailable to the majority of researchers.

Thus far, the project team has begun the process of developing our workplan using the Producteev application, a freely-available project management tool. Development tasks have been assigned and our advisory board members are anxiously awaiting the convening of our first full-team Skype meeting for the Stage II period.

So, whats next? Stay tuned to the project blog for periodic updates on development activities, following along the Project Andvari twitter feed, and let us know if you are interested in knowing more about the granular details of our work.

Many thanks to the National Endowment for the Humanities, all the project team members and advisory committee participants, and to everyone that has followed the project during our down-time.



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