Workshop Agenda

Below please find the proposed workshop agenda and a set of goals & focus topics that we must cover. Please feel free to comment and propose changes and additions. This is a democratic workshop where all are equal (but some are more equal than others because they are more knowledgeable, technologically savvy, or have grant money to order food and coffee).

In addition to open floor discussions, we would like to ask some of the participants to offer 10-minute presentations on related aspects of their own projects to kick off each major session. If you feel that you have something to offer, please add a comment below and I will update the agenda. Alternatively, you can choose to disseminate materials in advance (see tabs for Readings and Links), bring handouts, and/or contribute to the discussion. (Our workshop room has wifi and a projector.)

Goals & focus topics:

  1. Overall functions and limitations of the new digital tool
  2. Data model: relationships between data resources and their metadata and among resources
  3. Data content: content rules, cataloguing principles
  4. Data structure / metadata schema / vocabularies: how information is described (Getty’s CCO?)
  5. Data format: encoding (XML?)
  6. Data exchange: sharing of metadata between systems (e.g. MESA)
  7. User access
  8. Project management: advisory board
  9. The pilot project
  10. The future


Friday, November 8

Welcome and introductions
Rationale, goals, priorities

  • Project overview (rationale/proposed feature of digital tool/plan of action/timeline)
  • Goals of the workshop meeting
  • Identifying the key (scholarly) functions (and limitations) of the tool
  • Data model
Coffee break

Data content and data structure

  • Scholarly terminologies and descriptive standards;
  • Controlled categories and vocabularies;
  • Proposed subject fields and keywords.
Working lunch (provided): Discussion of existing databases, catalogues, and digital resources as models

Search functions and methods

  • Scholarly needs and principles
  • Technical possibilities
Coffee break

Data management and exchange

  • Data format
  • Data harvesting procedures/permissions; version control; inputting new data
Working dinner (provided): Summary of the day’s discussions

Saturday, November 9

User interface

  • Scholarly and technological considerations
Coffee break

User access and project management

  • Tiered user access
  • Subject area managers; advisory board
Working lunch (provided): Partners and collaborators

The pilot project

  • Parameters; contributors and responsibilities; timeline
Coffee break

Roundtable discussion: Action items, final report (white paper), and the future of the project

Closing dinner (provided): Dissemination and outreach


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