Iconography Workshop

As a result of the initial Project Andvari workshop, the project team determined that a structured iconographic controlled vocabulary is needed to help promote access and organization. Therefore, the project staff has arranged for a two-day iconography workshop in which attendees will discuss the desired features of our proposed vocabulary and help in establishing the foundational structure and key terms necessary to arrange our identified object sets.

General Information

Date: Friday, November 7, 2014, 3:30-5:30 pm and Saturday, November 8, 2014, 9:30 am-5 pm.
Location: The Catholic University of America, Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies, 131 Marist Hall
Point of Contact: Dr. Lilla Kopár
General logistical information regarding transportation in Washington, DC can be accessed on our Workshop Logistics page, although some of the details may not apply. You may also wish to check the Washington Metro website for additional resources.

Suggested Readings

The following readings will help to prepare workshop participants to discuss controlled vocabularies within the specific context of visual art and iconographic representations. If you feel that there are additional readings that are pertinent to our workshop, please feel free to add them to the comments section of this page.

  • Baca, M. (2004). Fear of authority? Authority control and thesaurus building for art and material culture information. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 38(3). 143-151. DOI: 10.1300/J104v38n03_13
  • Baxter, G. & Anderson, D. (1996). Image indexing and retrieval: some problems and proposed solutions. Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, 6(4). DOI: 10.1108/10662249610152348

Other Recommended Readings

  • van Straten, R. (1994). An Introduction to Iconography. Translated by Patricia de Man. Langhorne, PA: Gordon and Breach. [see Practical Section about ICONCLASS]



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