Post-Workshop Progress

Since our initial workshop in November 2013, a lot has happened with Project Andvari. To sum up just a bit of our progress…

  • Post-workshop surveys were completed, revealing an overall positive outlook on the quality of the workshop and the prospects of project goals. Respondents were happy to have participated in the workshop and expressed excitement for future involvement in project development and use of the ultimate Andvari platform.
  • Dr. Nancy L. Wicker presented on Project Andvari College Art Association THATCamp preconference forum on digital art history.
  • Dr. Nancy L. Wicker and Dr. Lilla Kopár shared information on Project Andvari at the Harvard Runic Colloquium in March 2014.
  • Dr. Nancy L. Wicker presented “Project Andvari: A Digital Portal to the Visual World of Early Medieval Northern Europe” at the Yale Baltic-Scandinavian Studies Conference, also in March.
  • The Catholic University of America agreed to provide supplementary funding for a small project workshop to further explore the development of a thesaurus of iconographic description. Initial workshop planning is underway with a target date of November 2014. (Stay tuned for more updates!)
  • Joseph Koivisto selected to present “Project Andvari: Facilitating Access to Disparate Digital Collections of the Medieval Material Culture of Northern Europe through Interdisciplinary Collaboration” at the Society of American Archivists 2014 Annual Meeting.
  •  Digital humanities graduate volunteers Katherine Kane, Anita Kinney, Kirsten Mentzer, Samuel Russell, and Jeremy Withnell presented the project leadership with “Project Andvari: Grants, Budgeting, Controlled Vocabulary and SKOS”, a report on extant thesauri/index/vocabulary resources, SKOS authoring/harvesting platforms, and additional funding opportunities for future project support.
  • Development of the NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant Level II application started. Submission deadline September 11, 2014.

Future updates on the project progress will be recorded here. Be sure to check back often! And, of course, be sure to follow along on Twitter at @ProjectAndvari.



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